The programmer was too lazy to finish this game... Luckily, since he made the game with GDevelop, the power of events is accessible to you, the player! Find creative ways to finish the game as fast as possible using the events the programmer left you, and may the force be with you! ...wait I meant good luck.

WASD (or arrow keys) & SPACEPlayer movement
EOpens game editor


Will you guys still continue this project after the jam?
Yes, we're planning to expand this project after the jam. We think that this has potential to be a good learning platform for kids or older to have a simple understanding of how the event sheet works on GDevelop.

Does the game have mobile device support?
Unfortunately no, due to some conditions requires a keyboard input for an action to run. However, maybe after the jam we could add mobile support to this game.

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Cri-Pineapple Team
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorsarthuro555, Ahnaf30e, Oxey405, Rinexus Games
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withAdobe Photoshop, GDevelop, Aseprite, PixiJS
Tags2D, gdevelop, gdevelop-game-jam, sourcecode, Visualization, visual-scripting
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial

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Cool concept. Cool game. Took me sometime to pass the first level, I thought the "trigger once" condition was working differently, but it's probably because I don't use gdevelop. Other than that it was frustrating at times to missclick and have no way to delete. I gave up at level 4, cause it took me a lot of retries on level 3 and having to redo the code every death is a bit tedious, so when I realized it was even more complicated I gave up 😅

Really cool idea tho, really fitting the theme and the fact it was a gdevelop jam.


how many levels does it have?

Awesome idea!


Very meta, love the humor references.  Definitely could see this as gamified tutorial for students of game making in Gdevelop!

Thank you

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very creative this game. Good Luck

Thanks :) Good luck to you too if you participate to the jam as well.

Amazing concept and nice graphics .Good Luck 👍

Thank you so much for the complements! Would be awesome if you rate our game in the jam too in here <3


Sussy baka


Thank. U 2.

Clever! Can't really get past that third column at the beginning, but I like the flip effect on the player and overall concept. 

Thank you so much for rating our game :)


The game is nice but you can't remove conditions and events if you mess up.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to implement that. Maybe after the jam we will try to add it. Thanks for trying out our game <3

The concept is great. The execution of it too.


Thank you!

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Interesting concept...I love it. But I kept falling it was sad. Lol.

Thank you for trying out our game! If you're still falling then you can always ask our help by replying here.


Wow, I have no words just the next level concept :)

Thank you, we appreciate it a lot :)

Deleted post

hello ! Thank you for your comment ! Can you elaborate on where you are stuck in the level one, with a screenshot for example.

Deleted post

Try putting a trigger once condition to it :)

never expected this to be possible in GDevelop. defo one of my favourite game concepts :)


Thanks :) We hope you’ll find the finished version of the game fun too!


gorgeous software

gorgeous software


I'm poggers ngl

Adding action without a condition makes it all work.

Fixed :)

Truly a game


this is a very interesting idea

thanks :) We are still experimenting with it, but we’re convinced we’ll get something fun out of it!


I wish you good luck and may the best man win :D

Thanks! If you are participating too, I wish you good luck as well ;)